Licensed Public Adjusters and Private Investigators

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Jan 162015

Licensed Public Adjusters and Private Investigators

D’Orsa and Associates licensed public adjusters; as well as licensed private investigators providing entire and comprehensive services to manage your insurance claim. Our adjusters and investigators have extensive experience and proficiency to embrace all phases of your claim from the scoping of damages to testifying in court. Should you endure damage to your home such as a burst pipe, fire or smoke damage, get in touch with our public adjusters and investigators immediately to assist with the filing your insurance claim and help to mitigate your damages efficiently. Although, the insurance company is contracted by you and assumed to work for you by reimbursing you for your loss, many insurance companies do not fully compensate policy holders for their loss. D’Orsa and Associates are public adjusters whose responsibility is to ensure you are appropriately compensated to fully recover from your damages. Our public adjusters and investigators are experienced handling all categories of losses to incorporate broken plumbing pipes, water damage and leaks, slab leaks, fire and smoke damage, hurricane and storm damage, vandalism, and more. We will professionally and forensically represent your loss to the insurance company offering the insurance companies little wiggle room to partially or totally shut down or deny your claim. A public adjuster is a significant and essential element in the insurance claims process. We work exclusively for the policyholder on a contingency basis; if you do not get paid, we do not get paid! Contact D’Orsa and Associates to review (at no charge) and possibly suggest any necessary changes to your current insurance policy to ensure you have adequate coverage.
(877) 742-3587 – (877) P I ADJUSTER!

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Another Florida hockey night!

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Nov 212014

Another Florida hockey night! There are two splendid hockey games to watch:

The Florida Everblades will play the Gwinnett Georgia Gladiators at 7:30 p.m. If you cannot make it to the game, you can listen to the Everblades game live streamed at Go Blades!


You can watch the University of Florida Gators beat the University of South Florida Ice Bulls on, live at 10:15 p.m. Louis DiPaolo and his crew present professional live video streamed coverage of the games (at a very diminutive price of $7.50). Any price is well worth the prospect to watch the GATORS ICE HOCKY TEAM, a group of fine young, debonair, bright athletes!!!

D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters are big supporters of the Florida Everblades and the University of Florida Ice Hockey Gator Team! FREE HOMEOWNER INSURANCE POLICY REVIEW for all hockey team members and families. In the event you suffer water damage, fire damage, storm damage or any other damage to your home or business, contact our public adjusters at (877) 742-3587 to file your insurance claim and represent you throughout the entire insurance claims process. We work on a contingency basis.

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UF Gator Ice Hockey Tonight

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Oct 312014

UF Gator Ice Hockey Tonight
The University of Florida Gator Ice Hockey team plays the University of Georgia Ice Dogs tonight in Jacksonville, Florida. You can watch the game steamed live at The game begins at 8:00 p.m. GO GATORS!!!!!

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Air Quality Index

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Jul 192014

Air Quality Index

Florida is very hot today. Despite the heat the Air Quality Index is good to moderate. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scale utilized by state, county, and city agencies to detail the purity of the air in their respective areas. Ground level ozone is one of the major pollutants reported. All should be concerned and pay attention to the AQI, especially the elderly, sick, children and athletes who play and practice outdoors. AQI below 101 color code Green to Yellow indicates the air is acceptably clean. However, as the AQI rises to the 101-150 range, color code Orange, persons with sensitivity to air pollution may be at risk. AQI over 150 color code Red or Purple is deemed unhealthy for everyone.

Preventive Measures to Practice When AQI is at Unhealthy Levels:

Limit physical exercise especially during mid-afternoon and early evening when the ozone level peaks. Alter the time of day of arduous outdoor activity to avoid peak hours, or reduce the intensity of the activity.

Pay attention to symptoms; be aware of respiratory distress, such as coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulty, and decrease exposure if these occur.

During physically exerting games, alternate and rest players to reduce exposure.

Consider alternative activities.

Persons with asthma ought to have sufficient medication convenient and follow their asthma management plans.



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The first Tropical Storm of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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Jul 012014

The first Tropical Storm of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season may affect Florida with heavy rain and wind gusts of 50 mph. Arthur is expected to tap the eastern coast of Florida tomorrow, Wednesday, July 3rd. According to weather reports, Arthur could have the potential of becoming a much stronger storm than anticipated. Arthur has a chance of strengthening to hurricane status. Warm Atlantic waters are enabling the possibility of a small viable hurricane. The good news is that Arthur may remain off the coast as the system travels from Florida up the coast to the northeastern states such as Virginia, New York and Massachusetts. However, there is a possibility of landfall around the Outer Banks on Friday near the southern coast of North Carolina. The bulk of the rain should remain off shore. Next storm advisory will be at 5:00 p.m. Pay attention to all local warnings and travel advisories, especially during this 4th of July Holiday weekend! Stay safe and be prepared. D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjuster hope all a safe 4th of July! Keep in mind, should you experience any, any storm damage contact (877) 742-3587 for assistance throughout the entire insurance claims process.

FOX news Storm Information:

Water Twist Abstract

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Refrigerator Ice-maker Water Damage

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May 242014

Refrigerator Ice-maker Water Damage

• 73% of water damages involving a refrigerator ice-maker were caused by the failure of the supply line hose.
• 10% of episodes involved new refrigerators and were associated to improper installation.

Loss Prevention and Maintenance Tips:

• Proper installation of the ice-maker supply line hose is crucial to circumventing water damage.
• Firmly connect the hose to the valve; but evade over tightening.
• Inspect the hose every six months. Ensure the valve connection is secure and check for kinks.
• If kinks are present, replace the hose.
• Leave a 3 to 4 inch space between the back of the refrigerator and the wall to avoid the hose from crimping.
• When pulling the refrigerator out for cleaning or service, keep away from getting the hose caught beneath the wheel.
• Find the water shut off valve.
• Inspect the valve every six months to make sure the water supply will shut off. Change the valve if required.

House Flood Insurance Claims

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