Apr 232014
Avert Washing Machine Water Damage

• Apparently, ruptured water supply lines are the foremost cause for half of the washing machine water damage episodes.
• The typical cost of damage is $6000.00
Tips to Avert Washing Machine Water Damage:
• When not utilizing, close the water supply valves.
• Replace old valves with lever-type valves that are easy to maneuver.
• Do not operate the washer machine when no one is at home.
• Ensure the water hose is not kinked; leave 3 to 4 inches between the machine and the wall.
• Check water supply line hose every 3 months.
• Ensure all water and valve connections are secure, but do not over tighten. Hand tighten first, and then utilize pliers if necessary.
• Examine hose for cracks, blisters, kinks.
• Change the hoses on a regular basis and consider reinforced braided stainless steel hoses.



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