Dec 072013

Christmas Tree Safety

Hello Florida residents! D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters wish everyone a joyous and safe Merry Christmas and Holiday Season! Purchasing and decorating a live Christmas tree is celebrated holiday tradition. However, caring for and maintaining your adored Christmas tree is just as important. Many tragedies transpire in the United States every year due to Christmas tree fires. Our Public Adjusters want you to have a wonderful and SAFE Christmas. Here is some guidance to ensure you enjoy a safe and merry holiday season!
o One of the most crucial guidelines is to prevent your real Christmas tree from drying out. Dry trees are at an increased risk to catch fire than a well watered tree.
o Do not purchase a dry or dying Christmas tree. If the tree is brown or is losing a several needles, than the tree is most likely already dry. Dry trees are dangerous trees!
o Keep your Christmas tree clear of all exists, doorways or corridors.
o Position, arrange and decorate your tree at least three feet from fireplaces, furnaces, radiators and other supplies of heat.
o Place your Christmas tree in a secure stand; be sure your tree stands erect and that it does not wobble.
o Dispose of your tree promptly after Christmas.
o Depending on your local typical weather, a well-watered tree may endure 6 to 8 weeks, after which it will quickly dehydrate.
While the Christmas tree in the picture is gorgeous, festive, and warm; being set so close to the fireplace is a hazard.
Again, enjoy a safe and glorious Christmas, New Year and Holiday Season!

Christmas Tree Fire

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