Jan 312014

Hot Water Heater Leaks


Floridians! How is your hot water heater working now? Now, that the temperature is down to the 30, 40 and 50 degree Fahrenheit. During the warmer climate Floridians do not use as much hot water or they have the temperature of the hot water heater set at a high temperature. One can always adjust or increase the temperature of the hot water heater during these cooler days or purchase a blanket for the hot water heater (especially if the hot water heater is located in the garage). Locate your hot water heater and inspect the tank, pipes and fittings for wear and tear or rust. Hot water heater leaks or bursts are one of the primary causes of water damage in a home. Insurance companies might not cover ensuing damages if the hot water heater was not properly maintained. Most hot water heater tanks display lifetime expectancy. Check the condition of your hot water heater before an accident occurs. Should you suffer water damage due to a leaky or burst hot water heater, contact D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters at (877) 742-3587.


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