How to choose a Public Adjuster?


How to choose a Public Adjuster?

Principally, the Public Adjuster must be licensed. The Public Adjuster will visit the location site of where the damage has occurred to accurately scope any destruction. The Public Adjuster should be thoroughly familiar with insurance laws, as well as construction. The Public Adjuster will encourage and counsel you to mitigate any damage. Beware of remediation companies (especially those requiring you to sign a work authorization or power of attorney). A respectable Public Adjuster will not suggest his or her relative or friend to complete the repairs. The Public Adjuster’s obligation is to assist and represent you with your insurance claim. He or she will represent you through all stages of your claim.

There are three types of insurance adjusters:

Insurance Staff Adjuster: Is an employee of the insurance company, who is paid directly by the insurance company, and may be promoted, based upon how much money they are able to save the insurance company.

Independent Adjuster: Is an independent contractor who works for the insurance industry and represents their interest, not the insured! The independent adjuster is also paid directly by the insurance company and may be contracted based upon their reputation for saving the insurance industry money.

Public Adjuster: Is basically a private adjuster hired by the policy holder on a contingency basis, who fights for the policy holder’s rights and interests. The Public Adjuster advocates on insured’s behalf to make the insured whole again.

Our goal is to attain an ultimate settlement that is accurate and fair for YOU!

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To obtain more information about public adjusters visit the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters at

How to Choose a Public Adjuster

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