May 172013
Water Damage

Water Damage

So you have damage to your home from a burst plumbing pipe, or a broken refrigerator or dishwasher line. Who do you call first? Normally, the policy holder will contact their insurance agent or broker. The broker’s skill is in the marketing of insurance policies; they do not have the knowledge or the responsibility to provide adjusting services. Insurance sales agents cannot help you in the event of a loss or claim. The insurance agent simply refers the policy holder to contact the 1-800 insurance claims number. Usually they suggest the policy holder hire one of the insurance agent’s preferred remediation and mitigation companies which ends up creating a whole other set of problems for the insured.

Many agents are rewarded with a profit/loss ratio bonus if their claims are kept less than a certain percentage; which obviously creates a conflict of interest. The further the insurance agent or broker helps you, the more they may hurt themselves. However, there exist insurance agents or brokers who are compassionate; who are aware of Public Adjuster’s professionalism and expertise; that have the interest of the insured at heart, and will not discourage you from employing our services. In fact, they frequently highly recommend us, as they, themselves, have employed Public Adjusters after being a victim of a loss. Beware of anyone who advises you not to seek assistance of a Public Adjuster who works exclusively for you and your benefit.
Contact D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters no matter how insignificant your loss may seem. Allow our Public Adjusters to review your situation and provide you with the most viable options on how to proceed with your insurance claim.

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