Insurance Mitigation Discounts


Insurance Mitigation Discounts

Before you contract to purchase a new roof, consult with your city, county or state building code departments to determine their respective requirements. When replacing your roof, you must adhere to current building codes in your area.  Your homeowner’s insurance or building insurance should most likely have coverage to the required codes.  In addition, be sure to check with the following programs, as well as your insurance provider to determine the exact requirements in order to obtain the most insurance mitigation discounts available.

My Safe Florida Home (MSFH), was established to assist Floridians recognize and construct improvements to reinforce their homes against hurricanes through free hurricane mitigation inspections and grant funds.  Florida’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

Insurance companies are required to provide the exact amount of discount that applies to a particular home. The charts on the web sites display the percentage of the discount a homeowner may expect to receive concerning the specific mitigation devices.

I urge you to visit and browse My Safe Florida  before hiring a contractor and commencing any construction on your home.

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