Jan 162015

Licensed Public Adjusters and Private Investigators

D’Orsa and Associates licensed public adjusters; as well as licensed private investigators providing entire and comprehensive services to manage your insurance claim. Our adjusters and investigators have extensive experience and proficiency to embrace all phases of your claim from the scoping of damages to testifying in court. Should you endure damage to your home such as a burst pipe, fire or smoke damage, get in touch with our public adjusters and investigators immediately to assist with the filing your insurance claim and help to mitigate your damages efficiently. Although, the insurance company is contracted by you and assumed to work for you by reimbursing you for your loss, many insurance companies do not fully compensate policy holders for their loss. D’Orsa and Associates are public adjusters whose responsibility is to ensure you are appropriately compensated to fully recover from your damages. Our public adjusters and investigators are experienced handling all categories of losses to incorporate broken plumbing pipes, water damage and leaks, slab leaks, fire and smoke damage, hurricane and storm damage, vandalism, and more. We will professionally and forensically represent your loss to the insurance company offering the insurance companies little wiggle room to partially or totally shut down or deny your claim. A public adjuster is a significant and essential element in the insurance claims process. We work exclusively for the policyholder on a contingency basis; if you do not get paid, we do not get paid! Contact D’Orsa and Associates to review (at no charge) and possibly suggest any necessary changes to your current insurance policy to ensure you have adequate coverage.
(877) 742-3587 – (877) P I ADJUSTER!

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