May 242014

Roof Leakage

• Roof leakage is one of the leading causes of water damage in a residence or business
• The possibility of a roof leak is even more prevalent in areas where freezing weather, harsh wind or hail often occurs.

Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks (Loss Prevention and Maintenance)

• Have a licensed qualified roofer look over your roof annually.
• Ask for an all-inclusive inspection report that contains the state of the flashing, roof covering, parapets and drainage system.
• Perform repairs if there are indications of fractured or missing shingles or tiles; loose or missing granules. If the flashing is deteriorating, particularly around chimneys and vents; or if pooling water is present.
• Look for plant growth as signs of sitting water and possible wear and tear.
• In areas vulnerable to freezing and heavy snow, insulate to avoid the elements from entering the attic space.
• In regions susceptible to wind and hail, consider an impact-resistant roof covering that has passed the FM 4473 or UL2218 standards.

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