Aug 272013

Teen Party Damage! Are You Covered?

I remember when my parents would go up to their friend’s summer home in New Hampshire. Once we knew they were at Lake Winnipesaukee safe and sound…the party began! Party at our house! No Face Book back then. No Twitter. No texting multi messages. Just the old fashion telephone hard line in the house with no call waiting. Oh, the message spread through the town, but we lived in a small town right down the street from the police station. Somehow the police knew. The parties were great fun and never seemed to get out of hand. Nowadays, with the social media, the invites stretch much faster and further! Parties can quickly take a turn for the worst and become out of control. So, what do Mom and Dad face when they arrive back home after their weekend getaway? A home destroyed, ransacked and vandalized by hundreds of drunk and wild teens.

Mom and Dad, if you have adequate homeowner’s coverage your policy should cover the damages. Of course, your teens may need an after school job to help pay for the deductable. Turn to D’Orsa and Associates to help you file the vandalism insurance claim. We understand, after all…We were once teenagers, too!!

Check out the news articles below. Hopefully, you will never have to contend with the damage these parents experienced.

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