Jul 012014

The first Tropical Storm of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season may affect Florida with heavy rain and wind gusts of 50 mph. Arthur is expected to tap the eastern coast of Florida tomorrow, Wednesday, July 3rd. According to weather reports, Arthur could have the potential of becoming a much stronger storm than anticipated. Arthur has a chance of strengthening to hurricane status. Warm Atlantic waters are enabling the possibility of a small viable hurricane. The good news is that Arthur may remain off the coast as the system travels from Florida up the coast to the northeastern states such as Virginia, New York and Massachusetts. However, there is a possibility of landfall around the Outer Banks on Friday near the southern coast of North Carolina. The bulk of the rain should remain off shore. Next storm advisory will be at 5:00 p.m. Pay attention to all local warnings and travel advisories, especially during this 4th of July Holiday weekend! Stay safe and be prepared. D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjuster hope all a safe 4th of July! Keep in mind, should you experience any, any storm damage contact (877) 742-3587 for assistance throughout the entire insurance claims process.

FOX news Storm Information: http://www.foxnews.com/weather/index.html

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